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Podium Champagne Spray

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on August 24, 2006

I was writing a quick how-to for deploying a piece of code today, and along the way I decided I’d throw in some instructions for celebration:

Find nearest bottle of Moët et Chandon, shake well, pop the cork, and spray onto anyone within a 15 foot radius.

To construct this fine piece of teaching, I had to do a little research. I discovered that the champagne spray originated at Le Mans in 1967 in an act of spontaneity by American racing legend Dan Gurney. He had just teamed up with A.J. Foyt in a Ford to smash the highly-advanced Ferrari team. Great story. Within that story, I noted the reference to MOËT ET CHANDON, so of course I had to look that up. That Wikipedia is just filled with good stuff.

Until next time, POP!


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