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The beauty of the world grows…

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on August 28, 2006

… proportionally with one’s knowledge of it. Wisdom of the day, for ya. I find it interesting how much life I’ve lived to learn who it is I am. It’s one of those things you don’t really ever complete, but I’ve found you have to be able to stand upon your own two feet. It sounds so trivial when I write it now, but it’s a realization I’ve only recently discovered. I have been bored as hell at work for way too long now, and I think the biggest cause is the lack of learning needed in my current job. BizTalk and integration were new to me, but the underlying technologies, .NET and SQL Server, are old hat. In the end, development is a formula to be applied. There’s some room for creativity in tiny details, but overall, there’s a pattern you can apply to solve a lot of problems. Worse, I can’t believe how much time I spend solving problems that were caused by someone else’s lack of the basic, minimum practices required for quality software. Give me a NEW problem to solve so I can LEARN something and DEVELOP a better methodology. Ack.

Funny how my mind went here. The title sprung into my mind when I was thinking back to a television show about albino animals. There was an alligator, monkey, hippo, lion, porcypine, and more if I remember right. The fascinating part of it was the fact the albinism created a pretty serious survival challenge for each animal. In almost all cases, the animal had evolved to it’s “common” color as a step in evolution. For example, the lion is normally colored like golden wheat, allowing it to stalk unseen within tall grasslands of Africa. In most of the cases, the animal learned to atone for the weakness of its color and developed unique talents. The alligator, for instance, learned patience and to approach it’s prey from a deeper angle.

So there you have it. Embrace the obscure, there is much to be learned from it! Bellittle your weaknesses by embracing your strengths!


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