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Welcome to 2007

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on January 14, 2007

Yikes, I allowed two months to pass since I last posted! Please accept my apologies, riders. I still do intend to continue to chronicle the sabbatical, for no better reason than to relive it again in my own mind. As you might guess, I struggle with repetitive tasks. I need a “straight from the brain” blog editor. Actually, that’d probably be a bad idea. There’s already too much blog-noise out there to be able to manage!

Is this blog just blog noise? That’s debatable. My point with it is simply to capture the goings-on of my life. That might include some tips and how-to’s, maybe a little commentary, but mostly not. How do I make this a habit?

Those last two months have treated me exceptionally well. But more on that later, I swear. Until then, I wish you and yours the best year of existence yet! Cheers to your health and balanced well-being. See your future with new eyes:

Open Your Eyes


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