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Spring in AZ

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on April 20, 2007

Hunka Chocolate cookies
Hunka Chocolate Cookies

Kimberly and I were in Chandler last weekend, which means indulgence in family visiting, home-cooked food, and some great cycling. It’s now been exactly one year since we moved to Portland. Sorry for those of you still in AZ, but for us, there’s no turning back. The contrast between Phoenix and Portland seems obvious from a weather standpoint, but the incongruity grows increasingly vast with every visit I make. But that’s another long story.

What a great trip. I caught up with old friends, did some great riding, spent Easter hanging out with the core Schultz team, and even got some work done. Kimberly arrived and the indulgence really began. We went back to some of our favorite restaurants, and of course had a hearty batch of Mom’s sausage bread. I should’ve taken a picture of that. But I did take a handful of photos you can check out at this flickr set.

I’m hoping to keep blogging more regularly, I swear! I’ve always got tons of ideas, but I don’t take the time to put things down. I want to finish the sabbatical tales, but I think that’s a big task that’s keeping me from writing quicker blogs. So, hopefully you’ll occasionally see those long stories pop up interspersed with more regular entries.


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