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Bodyworlds and naturopathy

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on April 21, 2007

During our AZ visit, Kimberly and I took my Mom (or vice versa) to Bodyworlds 3 at the Arizona Science Center. If you haven’t heard of it, Bodyworlds is an exhibition of human bodies and assorted organs that have been preserved through a process called plastination. I highly recommend it if you think you can handle it.

The Skateboarder

The Skateboarder (courtesy of

Over the years, I’ve become increasingly aware of the fact that your body is as you make it. In other words, you shape your health and your physical and mental makeup based on your diet and your activity. A lot of folks either don’t take the time to realize this, or simply don’t want to be accountable for it. They don’t ask the question, “how healthy can I be?” “How well can I be?” I used to think I knew the answer, but I now believe that there is no limit. Recently, Kimberly and I took food allergy tests at our naturopathic doctor and for the last few weeks, we’ve eliminated all the foods that came up as reactive from our diets. Since doing this, both of us, especially Kimberly, have felt noticeably better and more energetic. Kimberly has felt like her sleep has been more consistent, and I think I’ve just about shed the extra weight I picked up over the course of the sabbatical. Now when I ask, “how healthy can I be,” I can now answer, “at least as good as I am now but probably better yet!”

As part of my career research, naturopathy has made it into my top 5 potential new careers. It’s obviously quite a departure from IT programmer, but I’ve always had a built-in interest in healthy living and naturopathy fits my philosophy perfectly. It’s just that 4 years+ of school that’s a problem. Nevertheless, I’m going to explore what avenues within naturopathy I could take. There is certainly a demand out there!

Coming back to Bodyworlds, the exhibition further cemented my feelings that your body is what you make of it. Besides the full body displays such as the Skateboarder shown here, the exhibition also included various organs in both healthy and not-so-healthy states. For instance, they had a set of a non-smoker’s lungs and a set of smoker’s lungs. Talk about a contrast! The healthy lungs were about the color of an egg shell, while the smoker’s lungs were dark charcoal. And not just spots, but the entire lungs were charcoal. And that’s just one of the many organs on display. So, if you’re having trouble making healthier choices in your lifestyle, I’d highly recommend a trip to Bodyworlds if there’s an exhibition in your town.


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