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Seven years on the seventh year

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on July 21, 2007

Kimberly and I celebrated our 7-year dating anniversary last Saturday. Yes, time flies! We had dinner at Lucy’s Table, and the meal was fantastic. The real date is July 4th, but I was sick that week, unfortunately. I woke up on the 3rd with a terrible stomach ache, and spent the rest of week sipping juice and eating toast and crackers. My naturopath told me it was likely a stomach virus and gave me a good acidophilus formula and EHB. By Saturday, I was feeling better.

Seven Years DownBut I’m getting away from myself! We actually met on July 3rd, 2000. My friends Andy and Mike new this girl who they said was healthy and athletic, and that we’d really hit it off. Apparently, this fine lady was Mike’s girlfriend’s roommate. So I agreed and we all headed over to MGF’s apartment for drinks. I didn’t know anyone at this little party aside from Andy and Mike, and really don’t tend to be much of a big-group kind of a guy. There were, however, some big group folks there who pretty well dominated the conversation. So, we didn’t get to chat much, but I did find out that every one was invited to MGF’s mom’s house for a 4th of July celebration. Pool, BBQ, fireworks, count me in!

I rolled up to the house, knocked on the door, and WOW! Hello! Kimberly’s hair was down and she looked f-a-n-tastic. See right. We chatted it up while we chopped some veggies for the BBQ, and ended up mostly hip-to-hip for the entire night. Seven years later, we still chat it up and make dinner together, and it seems like that day was yesterday. Cheers to 7 years and innumerable more!


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