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New Belgium Trippel

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on November 3, 2007

Kimberly and I enjoy trying a variety of beers. As Portland has the highest number of microbreweries in the nation, we are well-positioned to get that variety!

However, we have a bad habit of trying something and then later forgetting if we liked it or not. Although there are sites such as and a RateBeer Facebook app (piece of junk, links kept failing so I gave up), I’m just going to start keep track here.

Last week, we picked up a pack of New Belgium Trippel. On the sabbatical last year, our “beer tour” included Europe’s finest German (good), Italian (so-so), Belgian (world-class) and Irish (stout = great). The Belgian beers we tried, especially the Trappist variety, were easily our favorite. Any beer that successfully duplicates the smoothness and subtle sweetness of Belgian beers usually work for us.

The NB Trippel does this successfully. It’s already been a week since we had it, so I offer no rambling poem of adjectives for the taste. I’ll just say that I’d buy it again: two thumbs up.


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