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What’s the poop?

Posted by Jeremy Schultz on April 19, 2008


–noun Slang.
relevant information, esp. a candid or pertinent factual report; low-down: Send a reporter to get the real poop on that accident.

Wow, what a turn of events since I last wrote anything. Here’s the not very short of it:

  • 10/17/07—”Redeployed” from my job in IT. This is Intel’s predominant way of doing layoffs, but it’s actually a pretty good deal. After you’re notified, you get about a month to choose if you want to just leave, or if you want to join the “redeployment pool”—two months to do nothing but find another job at Intel. The timing was great. I was bored to death in my IT job and I decided to make this an opportunity to find my dream job at Intel. What could that be?
  • Late October—In my mind, those dream possibilities included social media stuff such as, corporate social responsibility (green, health, classmate PC, …), employee wellness, and internal communications. Luckily for me, a job on the team that produces Intel’s central, worldwide intranet news site, opened up. I sent a creative little cover letter to the hiring manager and got an interview.
  • The value of blogs—After I received my redeployment notice, I blogged about it on my intranet blog and got a ton of feedback. I’ve been blogging for a few years internally, and I’ve built a network of friends through my blog that wouldn’t be possible through any other mechanism. Because of this, I knew some of the folks in the communications department, but better yet, I had a nice set of writing samples. Plus, the hiring team was looking for someone with social media experience.
  • Mid-November—Start the new job! I got the job, and I’ve been having a ball since.

So, what do I do? I’m building a new slash career. My title is communications specialist, and the primary part of my job is writing and editing global news stories on our intranet. The writers on my team split the various business groups within the company, and I cover the support groups—HR, IT and finance—and Intel’s software group. I’m learning the political dances that occur between our group, the business groups, and the communicators embedded within those business groups. Our group is essentially independent, and we cover topics with journalistic honesty as much as we can. The business groups, on the other hand, often see the global intranet site as a recognition tool for their teams. So we’re constantly pressing for what’s really new, as opposed to pushing so much “you should really know this,” Pravda-type of stuff.

But I’m talking about the tough part too much. One fun aspect of my job is the fact that I get to interact with Intel’s best on a continual basis. And I’m constantly learning about new things the company is doing and telling that story to employees. Plus, our beats aren’t so rigid. For instance, I recently interviewed an employee currently delving into cloud computing, simply because I was intrigued by the topic. We have freedom within our roadmap to cover different topics.

The second part of my job is management communications. Intel has nearly 10K managers, and we have various communications for that audience. Content varies from simple tasks to be done (store employee reviews here) to fun stuff like quizzes on recent business news. We’re trying to increase our efforts here, but I’m still trying to find out exactly how we can help managers better do their jobs. I don’t want to just tell them fun stories; I want to help them be better managers. The trouble is, a lot of other groups are trying to do the same thing and we risk creating a bunch of noise.

The next part of my job, informally, is acting as the team’s social media guru. Internally, we have blogs, forums, and a central wiki that are available to all employees. We’re using these tools more and more within the communications team, and it’s working quite well. We’re finding that employees are hungering for more quick, direct interaction with company leaders. So I’m always seeking new ways we can use such tools to better connect employees, while also keeping up some of the external social media activities happening on various sites. Matter of fact, I may start blogging at soon. That could be a lot of fun.

What else is happening? More poop soon. But no promises. In the meantime, I’m playing with twitter and you can find all most of my feeds on friendfeed.


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